Clash Of Clans Town Hall 12 Update 😍 With Giga Tesla! [Upcoming Next]

image of clash of clans town hall 12

The Clash Of Clans Town hall 12 is ready to be unleashed. Yes, you heard me right. It is the time, when Supercell has finally decided to roll out its mega Summer update 2018. And the Townhall 12 really looks dope.

You want to see it? Here it is.

The New Town hall 12 in Clash of Clans Summer 2018 Update

image of clash of clans town hall 12

So, how does the townhall 12 look?

It is indeed a dope looking huge building. And here are something else which adds a lot of charm to the Clash of Clans Summer 2018 Update.


Yes, the giga tesla. By its name, you can easily guess that it is some what big, giant and very much offensive defense which comes from the tesla family. After the mega tesla appearing in the builder hall 8, it is for the 3rd time Supercell has introduced a new huge tesla.

But, this is not as it is. You will be amazed to hear that the giga tesla is some how very cool, and will lure the hell out of your opponents.

The Giga Tesla is attached to the very town hall 12 itself.

You see? The giga tesla building is attached to the townhall for more benefits. Whenever a bunch of enemy troops tries to break the townhall, the giga tesla will defend it. And I see a huge chance of defensive troops like Giants attacking the townhall from now on.Β ????

But, I am not finished yet. Here is the main catch.

The Giga tesla can be upgraded to level 5 further after it has been unlocked. And this when the excitement gets much bigger.

After you upgrade the giga tesla to level 5, the townhall 12 will turn in a huge bomb blasting of which can deal a huge damage with enemy troops. So, might be for this reason, opponents may not be able to score three stars against townahll12 having giga teslas. We will know exactly about this after the update.

The new townhall 12 is seems to be landing on the clash of clans summer 2018 update. There are a lot of rumors, images and chit chats going on supercell forum about the summer update. But, we don’t have much of those infos. The update date has not been confirmed yet. Probably we will know after a few days.

Till then, keep visiting back and and stay tuned to Clash Monstah for more clash of clans updates. πŸ˜‰

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