😱 Best Th8 Anti-Dragon War Bases Combinations For Clan Wars

Hello readers! So what brings you all here? Are you not able to defend against your opponent clan players with your townhall 8. Because that is what I guessed might have happened.

So, we are here to discuss about the top best th8 Anti-dragon war bases. I will be showing you live proofs where you can see the bases actually defending against the other clans in clan wars. Brace yourself & Sit tight, because you are to see some of the best undefeated th8 war base designs.

I guess you have maxxed out your bases. And made a great layout for town hall 8 base designs by yourself. Well, I am no one to doubt your base designing capabilities. But I happen to be having the best of the best townhall 8 war base  designs.

There is  no doubt that your opponent clan members would be very much strong, right? ☹

So, we are here to change that kind of thinking.

No matter how strong your opponent clan players are, they can win against these best th8 war bases anti-dragon layouts which I have.

Getting Started With TH8 War Base [Anti-Dragon Bases] 😎

1. Best TH8 Anti-Dragon Base For Clan War

th8 anti-dragon war base

Of course, Dragon is the most fierce flying troop in the whole Clash Of Clans game and we can not deny to that. And most of the clan war th8 players use Dragon attacks on their opponents while playing the war.

2. TownHall 8 Anti-3 star War Bases

coc anti-dragon townhall 8 war base

You should not at all forget that you can face attacks from higher level players such as townhall 9 and 10. So, we have prepared the th8 anti-dragon bases along with some other townhall 8 anti-everything bases using which you can control the damage to your bases via higher level players. Note that we can not say who will attack your base depending on their level. So, it would be best to prepare for the worst.

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3. TH8 Anti-Everything War Base For Clan Wars

best th8 anti-dragon war base

See the above town hall 8 war base. By looking at this th8 war base, you can easily determine the further moves of your opponents. They will always try to destroy one air defense by using the lightning and earthquake spells. After 1 air defense is destroyed, they will deploy dragons to destroy the surrounding buildings like army camps, elixir collectors and gold mines. That is the time we should keep them busy destroying them so it would take time for them to reach the townhall and other defense buildings.

So, the defence buildings will take out the dragons one by one before they can destroy the base. Thats it. You will be successful in defending your whole base.

Isn’t this awesome? 🔥🔥🔥

4. TH8 Anti Dragon War Bases Revealed

best townhall 8 war base anti dragon


5. Anti-3 Star Townhall 8 War Bases For Dragons

anti- dragon townhall 8 war base

What else to keep in mind?

You should carefully place your bombs and traps as exactly shown in the th8 war base images. They are placed keeping the route of the troops in mind. Most of the bases using the traps and bombs are seen facing low amount of destructions.

So, keep it as exactly shown in this town hall 8 images. They are not bad after all.

6. Townhall 8 Anti-Everything War Bases


So, here we are with all of our best th8 anti-dragon bases to defeat opponent clans from making a full 100% attack with dragons. Make sure that you follow all the defense and walling combinations to prevent the base from being destroyed. You can also send your best th 8 base designs for anti-2 star and anti-3 star attacks. We are always here to listen from you.


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